Our investments in Agribusiness were made on the concept of the natural competitive advantages. As Indonesia grow, demand for natural resources, food and other commodities will grow together. The right weather, rain fall and blessed environment not to be formed in abundance elsewhere makes the investment ideal for now and future.

    1. Wood Processing Plant

      PT Indonesia Fibreboard Industry Tbk

      Since 2007, PT Indonesia Fibreboard Industry Tbk. (IFII) is the flagship of ADR Group (Agribusiness Division) and currently one of the largest MDF producers in Indonesia. Based in South Sumatera and equipped with 2 (two) MDF continuous production lines, and the company have exported to over 30 countries. IFII is a public company and has been listed in the Indonesian stock exchange since 2019.

      For more information, please visit: www.pt-ifi.com

    2. Palm Oil Mills

      Apart from plantation, Agribusiness Division expand downstream to build mills to process palm fruits from our own and surrounding plantations in South Sumatera. The key products of oil palm cultivation and milling includes crude palm oil and palm kernel. Our mill has received its Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification in 2021.

      1. PT Bayung Agro Sawita
        • Since 2016

      2. PT Kasih Agro Mandiri
        • Since 2018

      3. PT Srigunung Inti Agro Persada
        • Since 2023
    1. Palm Plantations

      The company manages multiple plantations in South Sumatera and works closely with local smallholders. Our plantation has received its Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification in 2021 and is committed to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

      1. PT Agronusa Bumi Lestari
        • Since 2007

      2. PT Kasih Agro Mandiri
        • Since 2007

      3. PT Musi Agro Sejahtera
        • Since 2011

    2. Industrial Plantation Forests

      PT Wahana Lestari Makmur Sukses

      Since 2012, PT Wahana Lestari Makmur Sukses (WLMS) manages an industrial plantation forests in South Sumatera. The company received its legal wood (VLK) in 2018 and forest management (PHPL) certification in 2021 following its compliance and commitment to operate and grow sustainably.