Human Resources Development and Environment

Human resources development is one of the key and fundamental pillars of any corporate success. Gaining skills and applying them would attribute to growth, sustainability and stability.

A large scope of skills are developed at ADR and these include technical, financial and management skills. Various training are provided by internally generated programs and in-house trainers as well as external group of consultants where and when appropriate.

In House Training


At ADR we have established a technical training center “ADRTC”. This training center provides both the means and opportunity for aspiring candidates to participate in an education with future employment. The training center also provides free education for the students, accommodation and small allowance during the training. This operation is fully and solely funded by ADR Group and this would reflect on our commitment to human resources development within the group and the provincial area.


“ADRTC” Training Center

Employee Welfare

As a part of our long term commitment, we have strived to improve our employees’ welfare by providing facilities, such as health clinic, health insurance, and scholarship to assist the employees’ children’s education, as well as providing recreation and sport facilities for the employees. A company’s performance is determined by the vitality of its employees. Thus, the employees’ health needs to get proper attention.


Labor Union

Industrial Relations through harmonious partnership between management and Labor Unions have been developed in order to attain the company’s goals and objectives.

Safety, Health and Environment
The implementation of safety, health and environmental management has been conducted continuously based on the international standards and the prevailing regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. We have been constantly improving our policy and procedure manual for our Work Safety and Health Management System in order to achieve its goal of zero accident.


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